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Integrations Feb. 6, 2019

The Plecto App is Now Available in the Intercom App Store!

Plecto and Intercom partnership

We are now available on the Intercom App Store. 🤩 You can now go into the Intercom marketplace and search for Plecto or find us listed under the Analytics or Conversation Management categories. Otherwise, here is a link to our app listing.

You can now display Intercom dashboards to visualize the metrics you find most important - all sourced from your Intercom account. Plecto is a dashboard software that does more than visualizing your performance. With unique gamification features, we provide you with the right tools to engage your employees.

Setup the Plecto and Intercom integration with ease

Example of Intercom as an integration in Plecto

Easily import your Intercom data using our integration. Import activities, comments, average customer reply times and more. Plecto dashboards synchronize with the Intercom integration, automatically updating dashboards with real-time data. You control what, how and where your data is displayed. Fully customize your Plecto dashboards with a growing list of widgets. 💪🏼

After connecting your Intercom account via the Plecto admin, you can start building dashboards to display around the office. Energize your team with time-limited contests. Recognize successes with automated "win" notifications, milestone achievements and leaderboards. And, display your dashboards on the large TV screens in your office to motivate competitive salespeople and boost their performance.

We help you stay aware of your customer's concerns live as it happens. 👀 Being able to see how many customers are waiting from a dashboard all around the office will help other team members to know they should look to help out the customer success team if needed. Understanding how your agents are doing based on customer satisfaction will help to get an overall picture of your top performers. Empower your team to act on key metrics without any latency, everything happens in real-time. Then with notifications, you can recognize and celebrate the efforts that lead to happy customers.

Why should companies use dashboards?

Example of employees' motivation with Intercom and Plecto integration

Employee engagement is a big topic of conversation all around the world in companies from small businesses to large enterprises. Companies are looking for methods that will enable their employees to get the most out of their performance. This is extremely relevant in companies with large sales and customer support teams.

Companies notice that if you provide your teams with this data on a live dashboard they will no longer spend time running the reports or asking their managers to give an update. They can look at the dashboards themselves keeping it top of mind to check how they are doing compared to their coworkers. What this instills is a friendly competitive atmosphere among the teams seeing how many deals they need to close or happy customer ratings they need in order to be on top of the leaderboards. 🙌🏼

Dashboards made easy

We like to focus on having dashboards that can be made by anyone. And good looking ones too. We want you to be focused on your customers and responding to your Intercom inquiries. Therefore, we made it easy to add new widgets and import your Intercom data right away. We suggest using conditional colors to add a few visual clues and add some headshots of your team members to really bring in the human element of the dashboards.

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