Gamification in business

Motivate your team with gamification dashboards. We have taken the addicting elements from games and applied them to our platform for using gamification in business.

Make work more fun with gamification

Gamification in business is all about engaging your teams to spark an increase in motivation. Making work more fun will increase commitment to your organization and allow co-workers to recognize each other's accomplishments.

This is more than just a dashboard

Go beyond just visualizing your KPIs with a dashboard software that allows you to leverage gamification in business. Display performance on leaderboards and use achievements to recognize accomplishments. You can also run a contest to spark friendly competition in the office or across locations.

Drive success with gamification in business

Gamification is about taking the fun-filled and sometimes addicting elements of games and applying them to a work environment. Engaging employees with gamification drives results and commitment while sparking a great atmosphere at your office.

Create healthy competition among teams and encourage your employees to perform with a dashboard software that leverages gamification techniques.


Rank your team members in real-time based on their performance to create an atmosphere fueled by performance.


Engage and motivate your employees with friendly competition in the office or across multiple locations.


Define targets or milestones that trigger custom achievement icons to be displayed next to a team member's name.

Track results on leaderboards

Display your goals and results across teams and individuals on a dashboard leaderboard. By displaying a performance leaderboard on TV screens throughout your office, you promote an environment characterized by interaction and friendly competition.

Leaderboards create an engaging atmosphere that will unify your team by allowing team members to share ideas for improving performance.

Customize your contests

Contests are a great way of grabbing attention and focusing your team towards a common target. Be creative and customize your contest in whatever way you want. Create teams to compete against each other or start a sprint between employees.

Results are automatically tracked in real-time with information from your dashboard data source. With the Contests feature, you have complete control over each contest. 

Recognize milestones with achievements

Being recognized for your accomplishments by your peers has a profound effect on your work satisfaction. With achievement badges, you can display a custom icon next to a user's name whenever a defined target or milestone is reached.

You decide when an achievement badge should be triggered along with what criteria that must be met in order to accomplish a goal.

Learn how to use gamification in business

Try our dashboards for free and see how you can motivate and engage your employees with gamification in business.