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How to Boost Employee Retention in the Insurance Industry

Working in the insurance industry and struggling to retain your employees? Improve your employee retention with these simple steps and boost your employee retention right now!

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Sales performance

A Complete Guide to Increasing Sales in Insurance

Insurance selling is a complex process and requires preparation and practice. In this article, we will provide all the needed steps on boosting your insurance sales!

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5 Benefits of Data Analytics for Insurance Companies

In the insurance industry and stumped by what data can do for you? In this article, we look at what data analytics are and explore 5 ways data analytics can improve your agency

Insurance KPIs to track

15 Insurance KPIs Your Agency Needs to be Tracking in 2023

Every insurance agency is dealing with so much data on a daily basis that it can be hard to keep up with what you need to measure. In this article, we talk you through 15 essential insurance KPIs that your agency needs to be tracking, covering sales, claims and finance.


How Real-Time Data Will Help Insurance Companies Improve Operations in 2023

Find out how insurance companies are using real-time insurance data to operate more effectively today.

Boost performance with real-time insights

Plecto is a data visualization software that helps you motivate your employees to reach new limits and stay on top of your business.