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Number of Visitor Pageviews

Amount of times that a page has been viewed or refreshed during a specific period of time.

Number of Visitor Pageviews

What is Number of Visitor Pageviews?

This KPI keeps count of the times a page on your website has been visited or refreshed, which can be a great indicator of whether your content is attractive for visitors. It can be helpful, for instance, to know if your blog posts are being read, compared to other pages’ views.

Nevertheless, there’s one detail that should be taken into account when looking at the pageviews. The number is not unique views, which means that it’s counting the same view as more than one. Therefore, you are not getting the most accurate data, but it can definitely give you a hint on your visitors’ interest in your content.

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Number of Pageviews

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Number of Pageviews

Number of Pageviews

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Number of Pageviews

Number of Pageviews


Number of Pageviews

How to calculate Number of Visitor Pageviews?
    Sum(New Visitor Report,Pageviews)
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