What is the Number of Visitor Pageviews?

The Number of Visitor Pageviews keeps count of the times a page on your website has been visited or refreshed within a given timeframe. This KPI is a great indicator of whether your content is attractive to visitors. For example, you can use this KPI to know how often your blog posts are being read compared to other pages.

Important! This KPI number does not indicate unique views. Rather, it counts all views, meaning that it will count multiple views from the same visitor. So while you’re not getting the most accurate data from this KPI, it will still definitely give you a hint about visitors’ interest in your content.

Number of Visitor Pageviews is a relevant KPI for your marketing and web development teams to monitor.

Why is the Number of Visitor Pageviews important?

The Number of Visitor Pageviews is important because it helps indicate the strength of your online presence, and therefore serves as a component of your broader marketing strategy. The more visitors to your website, the more potential leads you’ll have.

A high number of visitor pageviews demonstrates a healthy interest in your product or service. Conversely, a declining number of visitor pageviews is a likely indicator that your online strategy isn’t aggressive enough.

Best practices for Number of Visitor Pageviews

Use Number of Visitor Pageviews to monitor your site traffic. You can use this KPI as a metric of general interest in your company (such as traffic on your homepage) or as a metric of more in-depth engagement (such as visitors to your blog).

With this in mind, tracking your pageviews over time can serve as a proxy for gauging potential customer interest in your product or service. Tailoring your website content to your ICP will help in achieving the number of pageviews and subsequent leads that you want.

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