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Number of Visitor Sessions

The group of interactions an individual visitor has with the different content on your website.

Number of Visitor Sessions

What is Number of Visitor Sessions?

This KPI is based on all the actions done by a visitor on your website, which includes pages viewed, forms signed, videos watched - and any other activity they can do on your site. It should be taken into consideration that a new session is counted after 30 minutes of inactivity. However, if during those 30 minutes a visitor sees your page, leaves and comes back again after a couple of minutes, it will count as one single session.

The difference between a visit and a session is that visits come from outside the website domain; for instance, by finding a link to your site on another website or inserting your URL directly into the browser. A session, on the other hand, is counted every time a user accesses your website through an organic search in a browser.

It’s a very useful indicator to see how many visitors you’re attracting to your website, which entails that your content is engaging to some extent. It’d be interesting to complement this KPI with analytics about the most common behavior visitors have on your website - the more pages they see in a single session, the more engaged they probably are with your brand.

Although a session doesn’t entail that the visitor actually bought your product or engaged with your CTAs, it’s still a good metric to have a first impression on how many users are finding you organically.

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Number of Sessions

How to calculate Number of Visitor Sessions?
    Sum(New Visitor Report,Sessions)
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