What is Number of Leads Created?

Number of Leads Created is self-explanatory: this KPI measures the number of leads you’ve gained via a particular marketing campaign, channel and/or time period. While this is a highly relevant metric for use by sales teams and management, it’s important to remember that this KPI marks a milestone on your company’s sales journey, not the destination. In other words, this KPI only shows potential future clients–it’s up to you and your team to translate this potential into results!

This is a relevant KPI for your sales team to monitor.

Why is Number of Leads Created important?

The significance of this KPI lies in the fact it will give you an estimate of your most immediate future clients. Therefore, if this KPI is very low, it probably means you won’t be welcoming many new clients in the near future.

However, a high number of leads does not necessarily imply you’ll be getting a lot of customers either. The sales team is responsible for determining the quality of these leads, and whether they are qualified as an opportunity and potential client. For example, a new lead can be a student that has subscribed to your free trial–but he or she won’t convert because your product has been used only for testing.

While the Number of Leads Created gives you key insight into your business’ attractiveness, it should also be evaluated in context alongside other, similar KPIs, such as Number of Qualified Leads and Lead to Deal Conversion Rate. It’s these measurements that better indicate whether the leads you are getting are likely to result in revenue.

Best practices for Number of Leads Created

Once you’ve established a target for your Number of Leads Created KPI, it’s time to focus on attracting each of the leads you’ve obtained. Because your leads should fit your ICP, it’s at this point that the conversion of these leads to clients becomes paramount.

With this in mind, the Number of Leads Created KPI can help you focus on the next steps. Once you know the number of leads and who these leads are, you can begin to refine your efforts to close the deal with them, especially through targeted ads and personalized content.

Additionally, if your leads don’t necessarily match your ICP, you can use data about your leads to reevaluate your company’s ICP, and refocus your efforts on attracting this revised customer profile in the future.

Here are some good ways you can attract leads in the first place:

  • Email marketing
  • Cold calls
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Blogging and guest blogging
  • Content creation
  • Partner and referral marketing
  • And of course, social media.

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How to calculate Number of Leads Created ?
    Count(New Lead)

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