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Number of Booked Meetings

Overview of the number of pending meetings you have in a certain period of time.

Number of Booked Meetings

What is Number of Booked Meetings?

This KPI, therefore, gives you an overview of how many pending meetings you have for the day, week, or any other period that you decide to measure. It can be helpful to know what your day is going to look like in order to organize your agenda and maximize your working hours.

You can also use this KPI for a specific department, for instance, customer service, where they usually have meetings with clients on a daily basis. As well as help them organize their week, it can also give you all an overview of, for instance, the frequency you are welcoming new clients or helping current ones - depending on what the meetings are for.

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Number of Booked Meetings per Employee


Number of Booked Meetings per Employee

How to calculate Number of Booked Meetings?
    Count(Booked Meeting).Date(Created Date)

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