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Number of Leads Created

Potential customers that have shown some interest in your company or product.

Number of Leads Created

What is Number of Leads Created?

This is one important KPI since it will also give you an estimation of your next future clients. Therefore, if this KPI is very low, it will probably mean that you won’t be welcoming many new clients in the near future.

However, a high number of leads does not necessarily imply that you’ll be getting a lot of customers either. It’s the sales team the one responsible for determining the quality of these leads, and whether they are qualified as an opportunity and potential client or not. For example, a new lead can be a student that has subscribed to your free trial but won’t turn into a client because it’s just a testing purpose.

Overall, this number gives you a better insight on how attractive your business is, but you should rely more on the number of qualified leads. After all, these are the ones that might turn into clients and bring you some revenue at the end of the month.

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How to calculate Number of Leads Created?
    Count(New Lead)

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