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Net MRR Change

Monetary value of this month’s changes made in the subscriptions that affect your MRR.

Net MRR Change

What is Net MRR Change?

There are never two months with the same MRR, due to the different changes made in the subscriptions. It can either be a positive change, such an upgrade or a new account, or negative for your business, like a downgrade or churn. It’s important for every company to keep an eye on these modifications, in order to be able to take control of the situation if the losses start getting higher than the actual revenue. This KPI, therefore, gives you real information on the total value these changes mean to your total MRR.

Having this overview enables you to adapt and focus your strategy on the current situation with clients. For instance, knowing that this month more subscriptions are being churned will enable you to take specific actions against that - such as a marketing campaign, organizing meetings with clients or creating a specific offer for churning clients, among many other possibilities.

Overall, with this KPI you will easily and more visibly know how much money you are winning or losing this month compared to past performances.

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Net MRR Change


Net MRR Change

Net MRR Change

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Net MRR Change

How to calculate Net MRR Change?
    Sum(New Subscription,MRR) + 
    Sum(Upgraded Subscription,MRR Change) + 
    Sum(Downgraded Subscription,MRR Change) + 
    Sum(Churned Subscription,MRR)
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