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MRR Month over Month Growth

Your company’s current MRR compared to past months’ results.

MRR Month over Month Growth

What is MRR Month over Month Growth?

A very interesting KPI to take a look at, because it shows you a realistic view of your growth - or the lack of it - over the last months. It simply compares your current MRR to past months’ result, so that you can actually see very easily if your company is getting a higher revenue, and the speed of it: steady growth, a pick in a month, etc.

Apart from the number itself, this can give you great learnings about your actions. For instance, you can check if a specific action you carried out last month has had some impact on your MRR. On the contrary, you can also make some valuable conclusions if this KPI is showing a very smooth growth over the last months.

This KPI will show you last month’s MRR as a target, next to your current figures. This way, it’s a more visible way to see your monthly performance and maybe take some actions if it seems difficult to reach.

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MRR Month-over-Month Growth


MRR Month-over-Month Growth

How to calculate MRR Month over Month Growth?
    Sum(New Monthly MRR,MRR) /
    Sum(New Monthly MRR,MRR).History(1,month) - 1
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