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Ads Click-through Rate

Percentage of the people seeing your ad that actually click on it.

Ads Click-through Rate

What is Ads Click-through Rate?

This is a useful KPI, especially for the marketing department, because it shows the engagement they are able to generate in the audience through paid advertising. This can also bring to the team a more realistic understanding of the brand’s positioning. Furthermore, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) is very useful to measure the adequacy and profitability of the keywords selecting, allowing the team to test them and change them if necessary.

Although every company aims for a high rate - because it can end up in a high conversion to client, notice that the average CTR is around 1,91% for a search ad and around 0,35% for display ones.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to display this metric as a chart line to see your CTR evolution throughout the past months. Usually useful to have a better insight on the performance of your different marketing decisions in regards to ads. However, you can also show this KPI as a number for your team to have a quick daily overview.

Pre-built widgets to display Ads Click-through Rate

Ads Click-through Rate per Day

month to date

Ads Click-through Rate per Day

Ads Click-through Rate


Ads Click-through Rate

Ads Click-through Rate vs Last Month

month to date

Ads Click-through Rate vs Last Month

How to calculate Ads Click-through Rate?
    Sum(New Ad Spend Report, Clicks) /
    Sum(New Ad Spend Report, Impressions)

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