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Number of Ad Impressions

Times your ad is seen by an audience on a specific platform.

Number of Ad Impressions

What is Number of Ad Impressions?

This metric will show the number of times your ad on a specific platform has been seen by its audience. However, it doesn’t just count for your targeted consumers, but for the overall users that have seen your ad on that channel.

Nowadays, impressions are used for social media channels, them being Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads or Linkedin, among others. However, it can track whatever platforms you connect to Plecto that are showing your ads.

This KPI is especially relevant when compared with the budget for ads since it will give you an overview of whether you are spending too much on an ad that is not getting enough impressions. With this information in hand, you can more easily adjust your marketing strategy to the current situation.

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Number of Ad Impressions per Day

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Number of Ad Impressions per Day

Number of Ad Impressions


Number of Ad Impressions

Number of Ad Impressions vs Last Month

month to date

Number of Ad Impressions vs Last Month

How to calculate Number of Ad Impressions?
    Sum(New Ad Spend Report,Impressions)

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