Feb. 22, 2018 · Sales Performance

The Salesperson's Guide to GDPR

Daniel Borup Jakobsen
VP Marketing

25th May 2018 is approaching fast and that can only mean one thing. GDPR is nearly here. And it will have an impact on sales.

How do you navigate the GDPR in sales and what do you need to be aware of? In The Salesperson's Guide to GDPR, we'll highlight what you need to know about sales and GDPR.

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a piece of legislation drawn up by the European Union (EU) with the purpose of bringing the previous piece of data protection regulation up-to-date. 

The old legislation was enforced in 1995; a lot has changed in the digital world since then and the way data is handled and used has changed considerably too. 


Why is GDPR important?

The European Commission found in 2015 that eight out of ten Europeans feel they don’t have complete control over their personal data. This feeling can only have intensified over the past couple of years thanks to the news of huge data breaches in big global companies like Yahoo and Uber, the latter who managed to cover their breach up for a year until it was exposed in 2017. 

GDPR ensures EU citizens have greater control over their personal data. They can find out what data businesses have about them, request for data to be deleted and also request a copy of the data. Overall, EU residents have greater protection and also rights, which is a positive development.

For UK businesses who are unsure about what Brexit means for the GDPR, it seems that the UK government will opt to implement similar legislation once Britain leaves the EU, so it’s best to make preparations and ensure you have systems in place.

As we will discuss in our guide, the GDPR also applies to companies who collect or store data about EU citizens, regardless of where the company is based. This means that companies who fit this description will still have to follow the same rules after Brexit anyway.  

However, although the benefits for individual citizens is clear, for businesses the GDPR is a little bit troublesome. Some have questioned whether the GDPR is the end of the road for sales and direct marketing as we know it, but is this the case? 

What’s included in The Salesperson's Guide to GDPR?

Our GDPR guide for salespeople lists the 5 main ways GDPR is going to affect your tasks in sales. It also discusses key changes and elements of the regulation such as consent rules and important rights of data subjects that salespeople need to be aware of in order to maintain compliance. 

No matter whether you’re a salesperson, a sales team manager or a CEO, this quick and easy-to-understand overview of the GDPR in sales will be extremely helpful. The guide will help you understand how to prepare for the GDPR and how to ensure your business’ compliance. 

If you’re interested in reading more about the GDPR we’ve also provided direction to further reading so you can explore in depth.

The topics this white paper will cover are:

  • The key rights of data subjects under the GDPR
  • Important GDPR consent rules
  • How GDPR will affect salespeople
  • GDPR compliance and penalties

Why you should download the GDPR sales guide

You will be provided with an overview of the important elements of the GDPR that will have a direct impact on the way sales teams and employees operate. Having this information in a handy PDF format means you can easily go back to the document and find the information you’re looking for. 

Having the document downloaded also means you don’t need to return to different web pages to gather the relevant information – it’s all there for you in one easily accessible document.