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Sales performance Jan. 19, 2023

3 tips to optimise your CRM system's potential

Blog - 3 tips to optimise your CRM system's potential

Plecto is all about making it easier and faster for you to follow your performance and optimize your results in real-time. But you already know that! And because we want to make sure you get the best out of all your tools, we are going to focus on improving your CRM system’s performance. 

Providing the best service is probably the motto in every Sales and Support department, but there are many other small factors that can also make a difference in your performance.

For instance, did you know that research carried out by RightNow showed that 73% of customers remain loyal to a certain brand because of its friendly reps? 

But wait, that’s not all. Another research by McKinsey showed that, on average, companies investing in their customer satisfaction observed an improvement in their employee engagement by roughly 20%. 

So, putting 2 + 2 together can lead you to realize that happy customers come from… happy employees. That is simple maths! 

The cons of this is that working on your employees’ motivation can sometimes take longer than solving a technical problem in your product or service. The pros, however, is that there are plenty of options for you to reach and keep a long-lasting motivated team!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is! And we are here to give you an easy tip on how to maintain the motivation up in your team while staying on top of your CRM system’s performance.

1. Allow your employees to understand their numbers

As we all know by now, facts - and especially the ones related to numbers - are more trustworthy when you can see them for yourself rather than someone else telling you about it. Why do the talk when you can actually show them the walk?

Your Sales team is constantly working with data. Calls, meetings, chats, demos, trials, opportunities… Even though performance is a subjective and abstract thing to talk about, it’s actually made up of all these numbers combined together. So if you already have the data, let’s start working with it!

When each of your support and sales employees can actually see their individual performance, they can easily understand their weaknesses and strengths, as well as their progress towards their goals. 

It brings a positive change in their behavior when they realize how much margin of improvement they have just by following their real-time performance!

As you can imagine, this also brings great vibes to the whole team. For instance, one of your sales co-workers has closed a new opportunity because he followed its status on your CRM system in real-time. This also has an impact on the team’s KPIs, since this new result has allowed them to reach the goal of converting opportunities!

Don’t you think your entire Sales team is now more motivated than before to keep on working on their individual performance so that they can celebrate a new success soon? 

Blog - 3 tips to optimise your CRM system's potential 2

2. Follow your CRM data in real-time

Even though you probably have the right tools to gather your data, you still need to engage your team to actively use them. And we all know, this can be challenging. Full agendas are usually the main reason why employees don’t spend time going through the different sites and software your company uses on a daily basis. 

But wait! There is a very effective solution that will save you time and energy on trying to update your employees with their KPIs. The answer is… integrate your best tools together! What else could lead you to your best performance?

By integrating webCRM and Plecto together, you can easily import your data into the dashboards and follow your progress and results in real-time. 

Increase your CRM system’s performance with webCRM

The motto of webCRM is ‘CRM made simple’. This is important to get your sales and support team to actually use and enjoy their CRM system thereby and provide value to the organisation. 

If a CRM system’s performance sounds like something only for top management should monitor, the motivation for updating data will be limited. Same as if the system is too complex to understand or you have to fill in all kinds of irrelevant data, it does not help either!

However, if the CRM system becomes a central part of the sales reps’ everyday work and helps them do their best and always have the relevant data for them, updating that data will simply follow along. 

If your employees can see their results in real-time in Plecto and use webCRM to do their best in contacting and converting leads and customers, the motivation will be much higher! Using the CRM system will no longer be just another task on the agenda, but becomes the core of the workday. And, as a side effect, managers and directors can follow the results and performance. 

webCRM not only helps the sales team do their best, but also consultants and supporters can get access to all relevant data and make sure to contact the right customers at the right time. 

Customize it to your specific needs

Tasks can easily be handed from one person to another, and even if you did not get to call the customer at the intended time, the task will still be there for you to remember the day after. This is also relevant if an employee gets sick, resigns or is just too busy, so that co-workers can help carry out the tasks and update the process in webCRM. 

Moreover, webCRM can also be customised to match the needs and processes of your organisation. All entities in webCRM can be used in various ways, depending on industry, assignments, sales process, etc. 

Fields can be added, adjusted or removed, so webCRM holds all relevant information about your leads and customers, but does not ask you to fill in any information you don’t even use in your organisation.

We are ready to help you customise your webCRM system, but you can also do it yourself. We do our best to get you started and help your users and administrators get as much value from the system as possible.

For webCRM, implementing a CRM system should not be a yearlong process with heavy investments, so we focus on the core needs of your business and solve them. 

When the CRM system has proved its value and people have started using it, they start getting more ideas for where it can add value. It’s then when we can build on the established foundation and make webCRM the core of many important business processes.

Blog - 3 tips to optimise your CRM system's potential 3

Integrate and display in Plecto

You can integrate webCRM to a large number of apps to give your employees a more detailed overview of their daily performance and secure consistent data across all your systems. 

Don’t limit your integrations just to your ERP system! You can also import data from other fields in your company such as development or marketing so that your team has all the information needed in just one glance. 

By connecting all relevant systems to webCRM and Plecto, employees on all levels can work in the system they use the most while still provide valuable information in other systems automatically.

3. Announce and celebrate your achievements

Now that your CRM system’s performance is better than ever, it’s time for the announcement. Celebrate your employees’ achievements on a regular basis, because every step counts when you’re in a journey towards success!

To get the best out of your data in Plecto, you can customize the widgets, background and notifications to make it as personal as you want it. Make it fun to reach goals!

Moreover, you choose the KPIs that you want to measure from your CRM system’s performance, and you can then follow its real-time progress on your dashboard. You no longer need to log in every time you want to check your data, because your team has a full overview in Plecto. 

Set the customizable notifications to trigger every team an employee reaches a new goal, so that all your team is involved in your company’s success. Performance and engagement can now come together, easier than ever!

This is a blog post collaboration with WebCRM.


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