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100 Key Performance Indicators

Blog - 100 Key Performance Indicators

There are over 100, if not 1000, different KPI to choose between for measuring your companies performance. Therefore, it is understandable that choosing the right KPIs can be difficult, since not all KPIs are the same.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the critical indicators of progress toward a companies goal. KPIs give a clear focus for operational and strategic improvement, that create an analytical basis for decision making, and help focus awareness on what matters most.

It can be a massive benefit for the organizational growth to track the right KPIs. Choosing the right KPIs is crucial since they should represent the companies goals and encourage employees to reach them.

Today we have gathered the 100 most important KPIs for five different departments:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Finance
  • Development

A six category could be Project Management, but this one often uses and mixes KPIs from the categories mentioned above.

Sales KPIs:

1. Monthly sales growth

2. MRR

3. Number of sales qualified leads (SQLs)

4. Sales per rep

5. Lead-to-sale conversion rate

6. Average conversion time

7. Cost per lead

8. Lead-to-close rate

9. Churn

10. Number of monthly sales demos

11. Monthly sales quota attainment

12. Monthly sales quota attainment (per rep)

13. Number of new customers

14. Number of cold calls completed

15. Customer lifetime value

16. Monthly new leads

17. Monthly new customers

18. Number of expansions

19. Number of first-time meetings

20. Total meetings

21. Average deal size

22. Customer engagement level

Marketing KPIs:

23. Monthly new leads

24. Number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

25. Number of sales qualified leads (SQLs)

26. Cost per lead

27. Cost per conversion

28. Cost per conversion (by channel)

29. Average conversion time

30. Retention rate

31. Attrition rate

32. Monthly website traffic

33. Organic search traffic

34. Visits (per channel)

35. Average time spent on page

36. Click-through-rate

37. Number of impressions

38. Leads from organic search

39. Conversion rate per keyword

40. Google page rank

41. Leads from paid ads

42. Conversions from paid ads

43. Leads from social media

44. Conversions from social media

45. Number of blog visits (daily, monthly, etc.)

46. Number of page views

47. Number of sessions

48. Bounce rate

49. Social media mentions

50. ROI (per content type)

51. Number of blogs published (monthly)

52. Number of eBooks published (monthly)

53. Number of PDFs published (monthly)

54. Number of infographics published (monthly)

Financial KPIs:

55. MRR

56. Net profit margin

57. Gross profit margin

58. Operating cash flow

59. Current ratio

60. Quick ratio/Acid test

61. Working capital

62. Current accounts receivable

63. Current accounts payable

64. Accounts receivable turnover

65. Accounts payable turnover

66. Budget variance

67. Line items in budget

68. Budget creation cycle time

69. Payroll headcount ratio

70. Debt to equity ratio

71. Return on equity

72. Cost of managing business

73. Resource utilization

74. Internal audit cycle time

75. Finance error report

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Support KPIs:

76. Number of Support Tickets

77. Customer Retention Rate (CRR)

78. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

79. First Contact Resolution (FCR)

80. Average Resolution Time (ART)

81. Cost per conversation

82. Net Promoter Score (NPS

83. Customer Effort Score (CES)

84. Abandoned call rates

85. First Response Time (FRT)

86. Average Reply Time

87. Top Agents


89. Employee Engagement

90. Number of acquired reviews

91. Number of knowledge base articles

Development KPIs:

92. Number of bug fixes

93. Issues closed

94. Pull requests

95. Lead time

96. Code churn

97. Defect removal efficiency

98. Velocity

99. Total number of bugs

100.Bugs by feature

That's it, want even more KPIs? Then head over to our KPI-library.


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