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3 ways Plecto ensures you stay a data driven organization even when working from home

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It can be tricky to have data-driven leadership when you can´t catch up with everyone right away,  how far they are from reaching their goals or simply to keep track of their progress

However, there are tools that can be of great help during these days where remote working is the only option for many companies. And yes, Plecto is one of them!

Have you heard about Plecto from home? It's equally easy to be a data- driven organization both when working in the office and at home...

If you are still unsure about how to use Plecto when you’re not in the office, we have gathered the top 3 features that will definitely help you keep your team together - as explained by our users. If you want to be a data-driven organization and are unsure how to use Plecto for it while not being in office, we have gathered the top 3 features that will help you with data-driven leadership - as explained by our users.

1. Real-time dashboards that help you optimize your data driven organization

If you’ve been following us for a while, you have probably heard about this already. Yes, we are a company that sells software based real-time dashboards. That will help you with your data driven leadership. Is that all? Of course not, but we want to start from the beginning!

We created Plecto because we want every employee - no matter where - to understand the data they are working with in their data driven organization. Doesn’t it make sense? We think that data shouldn’t be available just for Managers, and it surely shouldn’t be something boring to look at. Unfortunately, it usually is. 

So we came up with the idea of integrating the systems used in the data driven organizations to a dashboard so that it will automatically update the data as soon as it’s created. And not just that, it can be displayed 24/7 on a phone, laptop, tablet, TV, and Apple Watch. This will greatly help you with your data driven leadership since everyone can easily follow the data. 

"We had an issue with Talk-Time being OK but not great, and a lack of competitive spirit amongst the team when it came to time on the phone. So we tried Plecto when we were still in the office, and Talk Time increased by 50%!"

Peter Morgan

Head of Consumer Sales at The Code Institute

Not enough?

We wanted to step it up, so we also give you the option of establishing personalized KPIs that could be tracked anytime, anywhere. Therefore, you not only see your data but also its status in real-time. 

Wait! Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to add some conditional colors to show how far you are from reaching your goal? Well, tell us about it. 

You can customize the widgets and themes in the dashboards to make it fun and enjoyable for your team. Seeing the color changing as they get closer to the goal will motivate your employees to focus on turning that middle orange into a shiny green. 

Blog - Customer case: 3 benefits of using Plecto from home - Employee working from home

Access Plecto from home - or anywhere else

You don’t need an office in order to use Plecto. You only need a link with access to the dashboard, that you can access from any device you have at home - or wherever you are working from. 

Moreover, if you have created more than one dashboard… Surprise, you still only need one device. You can create a slideshow that gathers together as many dashboards as you want your employees to display, and get them to repeat on a loop every certain amount of time.

"Plecto has also been a motivational tool for the team, tracking our progress, activity and targets, and getting recognition for their work. We knew that using Plecto remotely had to be implemented"

Alisha Louwrens

Digital Marketing at Orange Quarter

2. Gamification is the key

We don’t stress it enough: you have to keep it fun! 

We want our employees to be active, dynamic, and ready for the next challenge. And you’re not going to get that if the best part of going to work is actually leaving. 

Luckily, there are many different options to try when it comes to gamification! With Plecto, you can engage your team in some friendly competition from everywhere in the world. And you can customize it as much as you want!

Organizing a contest will take you less than 5 minutes, and it will help you take your KPIs to the next level. You decide who participates - if it’s an entire department or just certain employees, the duration of the challenge and the prize for the final winner(s). 

Not only that. To make it more thematic, you can change the background, personalize the widgets, choose the “profile picture” that you want your team to appear with and set alerts to keep it exciting. 

What else do you have?

Well, you can also spice up the mood without creating contests! On a daily basis, you can set notifications and alerts to trigger whenever a new KPI is reached. And again, you can personalize it just as much!

You only have to decide the KPIs that you want to celebrate when it is reached, and the type of alert that you want to pop up on everyone's screens at the same time. You can even choose the sound, to make sure the whole team notices.

Like that, your employees are updated on each other’s real-time performance. Let’s motivate them all by showing them - and celebrating - how far they’ve come!

"This keeps the spirit high and the team members connected, which is especially helpful during challenging times"

Bastiaan Smeenk

Head of Digital at THE FCTR E & bijZON

Finally, another gamification option is achievements. Yes, you can reward your employees with personalized badges that will show up next to their names during the period of time that you select. Like that, everyone can see the awards and join the celebration!

The best thing about these gamification options is that they don’t necessarily have to be related to performance. You can also use them to promote an energetic spirit remotely. 

For instance, you can create a badge for the one wearing the most original costume to the next video call meeting, or for those who make the best joke in your internal communication channel. 

Make it creative to engage your employees with their performance.

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3. Limitless access to your limitless dashboards 

Plecto was designed to bring employees closer to their performance - wherever and whenever. Therefore, this means that Plecto works just as fine in a traditional office than in remote workplaces. 

All you need to keep your team engaged with their performance is a link. You can create it by transforming your dashboard into a slideshow, also from Plecto App, so that it can be displayed in real-time. 

With this link, each of your remote employees can easily access the dashboards from their devices: laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone and Apple Watch.

"It’s great that our teams in Amsterdam and Berlin are able to be connected to this level!"

Alisha Louwrens

Digital Marketing at Orange Quarter

You can create as many dashboards as you need, depending on the real-time data that you want to follow. 

Full control of your data

Working remotely doesn’t involve losing control over your team’s performance. You can still keep track of your employees’ progress by monitoring their results in real-time.  

But not only for you, you can also enable the teams’ Managers to get the best overview at all times. How? By creating a dashboard for each of them displaying the main KPIs they need to keep an eye on. 

Apart from the KPIs, these dashboards can give Managers a better insight into the employees’ progress with their tasks during the day. 

But wait, what if you don’t want the rest of your employees to see these dashboards?

Easy. After creating the dashboard, you can decide who can access it and who can’t. And you can do this separately for every single dashboard that you create! This access can be modified, denied or created at any time, so you can always adapt it to the business’ progress. 

All your dashboards on a loop 

You - or your employees - don’t need different devices for the different dashboards. You can display all of them from the same screen while working from home. 

This is much easier than what you might be thinking. Remember the slideshow we just mentioned? It can contain more than one dashboard at a time, so the same link will grant you access to various dashboards. 

You only need to add the dashboards to the slideshow, and it will display them on a loop continuously. 

Being able to see the team’s and individual performance in real-time will motivate your employees and give them that boost that we all need to reach new limits! 

"I’d recommend Plecto to any team working remotely that wants to stay motivated by seeing goals achieved and targets hit, especially when cheerleading remotely can be tougher to do"

Neil Kavanagh

Team Lead for the Student Care team at The Code Institute


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