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How to Build Incredible Team Synergy

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If you are often faced with communication challenges in your office or seeking ways to improve collaboration between departments, then it’s time to start building team synergy. In this article, we explore the concept of team synergy, its benefits and how to implement effective strategies for improving it in your workplace.

What is team synergy?

Team synergy is when two or more of your company's team work together to create something valuable. It's all about creating effective connections and communication at your workplace and is based on the philosophy that working as a team is more effective than on your own.

What is a real-life example of team synergy?

One example of team synergy in action is during new product development for a software company. While it is ultimately the product team that is responsible for development a new product or feature, this requires input from multiple departments. For example, on deciding on what new features to build, this should include input from the support team and sales, as they have the most interaction with the customers. Then, through the development process, marketing should be processed to understand how the product developed can be translated into value for the customer.

Sounds great, right? Continue reading to find out how can you introduce this in your office.

4 tips for building team synergy

Building team synergy is a very rewarding way of working however it does take time and effort to implement it into your culture. To get you started on your journey, here are the four essential elements to build top team synergy.

1. Establish good communication

This one comes as no surprise, but like almost everything, the key to great team synergy is effective communication. Create an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves and sharing their opinions. Diverse perspectives and viewpoints do wonders for business outcomes, from better brainstorming and idea sharing to getting an understanding of how different groups reach to different ideas.

Here are some practical tips for promoting good team communication:

a) Ensure clear communication channels and meeting schedules

Establish which platforms and tools you will be using to communicate, as well as when to hold regular catch up meetings. Together as a team, create a clear communication plan that will help you with staying organized of all your ideas and ways.

b) Communication is a two-way street

Encourage active listening and create opportunities for meaningful dialogue. Remember, team synergy thrives on dialogues, not monologues.

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2. Cultivate Collaboration

As mentioned, in order to have good communication you got to make sure your team is comfortable in doing so. One way you can make sure everyone is comfortable is by modeling team collaboration best practices. Here are three different ways to boost collaboration within your team:

a) Ensure co-creation

Engage in activities that allow teams to create value together. Be sure to have brainstorming sessions, discussions, and healthy disagreements. Remember that the best ideas are nearly always devised during period of collaboration, rather than individual work.

b) Agree to disagree

Understand that a range of differing opinions are natural, and even desirable when it comes to innovation. Regular, healthy disagreements demonstrate that your employees feel included in the team and feel empowered to voice their opinions.

c) Lead by example

Building team collaboration won't happen overnight, and so the best approach to get started is to set an example for your team members to follow. Be sure to always encourage co-creation and open communication, and you'll soon notice that your team is following in your footsteps.

3. Encourage Diversity and Inclusion

Building up your team of people with different backgrounds, skills and perspectives is nowadays a crucial element in a productive and innovative team. Here are three ways that you can boost diversity in your workplace:

a) Build a diverse team

When hiring and expanding your team, actively seek a range of candidates from different backgrounds and experiences to get the perfect mix of people.

Even consider hiring someone who might challenge your own way of thinking. While this may seem counterintuitive at first, you will reap the benefits in the long run when it comes to generating fresh ideas.

b) Create an inclusive environment

Develop an office culture all team members feel valued, respected and empowered to share their point of view. To achieve this, advocate and demonstrate active listening, collaboration and empathy.

c) Provide diversity and inclusion training

Remember to hold regular training sessions with your team that promote awareness of stereotypes, cultural differences, and unconscious biases. By holding regular training sessions, you will teach your team members the benefits of diversity along with providing them with the toolkit to collaborate effectively across different backgrounds.

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4. Agree on group norms

In order to avoid creating bad group dynamics, it's best to create group norms. Group norms are those unwritten rules that dictate the dynamic of the group. This is crucial in making sure that the work environment stays healthy and positive.

Having group norms also gives your group an easier time when thinking about how to act. Putting these "unspoken rules" on the table eliminates ambiguity and guesswork, allowing team members to focus more on their collaborative, high-impact work and less on worrying.

How Plecto boosts team synergy

Another effective way to enhance team synergy is through data transparency. Build dashboards that visualize your team’s activities and display these on TVs around the office for the whole team to stay in the loop regarding team performance. Start creating your perfect team synergy with a 14-day free trial.


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