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Increase Your Support Team’s Performance & Motivation With Dixa

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Customer experience is an integral part of any business today. The relationships you build with your customers can be the driving force behind your growth and livelihood as an organization.

As more businesses focus their efforts online, every single digital touchpoint becomes increasingly more important to your customer’s overall experience and perception of your brand. Because customer support is oftentimes the only human interaction a customer has with your brand, Dixa helps you capitalize on these experiences and make the most of them building customer trust and loyalty in the process.

Dixa’s customer service and engagement software empower brands to deliver better customer experiences at scale by starting with giving agents the tools they need to provide fast, efficient, and effective customer support every time. Because happy agents = happy customers.

With so much scattered data and so many different ways for customers to communicate with brands, agents can get overwhelmed trying to keep track of customers and must jump between several different tabs or systems to resolve one inquiry. Dixa unifies phone, email, chat, and messaging apps in one single platform and offers powerful integrations and automations to minimize repetitive work and maximize productivity. This ensures no customer slips through the cracks, and agents have all the context and relevant data they need to deliver personalized customer support every time from one single system.

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But even with the right tools, agents can still get burnt out and lose motivation if they can’t easily track their performance and progress on a regular basis. Additionally, being able to provide data on your support team’s performance to the rest of your organization can help prove your importance and value to the businesses as a whole.

The new Dixa + Plecto integration makes it easier for support teams to visualize key performance metrics and boost team performance. By building custom dashboards in Plecto based on your Dixa data, you can quickly keep track of your KPIs, where your team is excelling, and what areas may need more attention. This way you can consistently provide stellar customer support experiences.

Here’s what else you can accomplish with the Dixa + Plecto Integration:

Empower your agents, elevate your team

Dixa empowers agents by giving them the tools and context they need to execute their job from one single platform, helping them achieve more in less time. By bringing all your support channels together in one easy-to-use interface your agents can respond to customers across different channels from one screen, saving 20% of their day. This means faster and more consistent support for your customers and a whole lot of extra capacity for you!

Additionally, the Dixa + Plecto integration can help you add more value to your Dixa data and further elevate your team’s performance by making it fun for agents to track their own progress. Use Plecto’s unique gamification features to create leaderboards that spark motivation amongst your team and set up custom notifications that trigger every time an employee achieves a goal or reaches a new milestone.

Focus on what matters most

Every business has unique goals and needs. That’s why Dixa lets you create your own rules and prioritize the conversations that are most important to your specific business. With powerful workflows that automatically prioritize and route all incoming queries based on those rules, agents get offered conversations that are most relevant to their skills. This ensures customers receive a personalized experience and agents get to utilize their strengths.

The Dixa + Plecto integration can help you further your focus on the key areas that matter most to you such as tracking CSAT, Average Wait Time, number of answered conversations, and more. By constantly visualizing your Dixa data on the dashboards - in the office or remotely, you create a powerful tool for your Support team and provide them with relevant data to perform better.

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Future-proof your setup

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to implementing new customer service software or making updates to your existing setup is the sheer time, effort, and coordination it takes to execute the project. Dixa gives control back to those who know their needs the best, support teams! Dixa’s unified platform makes it easy for admins to continually optimize their setup in real-time without assistance from IT or any code.

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The Dixa + Plecto Integration is no different. Create, edit, iterate, and display Dixa data on Plecto dashboards any way you like. All you need to do is enter your Dixa API token in Plecto and start building! Gain speed and agility with this new integration to set your Customer Support team up for long-term success.

Start changing the way you visualize data today with the Dixa + Plecto integration!

Try Dixa: Ready to have more profitable conversations? Book a demo with Dixa today to see how our platform can help you better achieve your goals.

This is a guest blog post by Lauren Blair, Senior Brand Manager at Dixa.


Senior Brand Manager at Dixa

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