Real-time KPI visualization on dynamic sales dashboards

Stay on top of your pipeline

Let your team stay on top of their pipeline by focusing on key deals and replacing gut feeling with real data.  

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Get real-time updates on the road

Stay in touch with real-time updates of your team’s performance, even when you are away from the office.

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Instant recognition

Celebrate individual and team achievements in real-time

Make notifications appear on your slideshows so your team can celebrate success as it happens.

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Showcase agent activity with sales leaderboards

Introducing sales leaderboards to your team is a sure-fire tactic to energize employee engagement and champion a culture of friendly competition.

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Sales dashboard notification of Olivia who just won a deal for 100000

"I can recommend this software to anyone working with sales. It has helped our team reach our Goals by simply displaying sales for day to day. This is making the internal competition better by visualising the performance live."

Markus Kolstad Mathisen

Account Sales Manager

Performance-driven culture

More motivation with gamification

Create a culture of friendly competition and make sales fun again with game-changing gamification features like contests, instant notifications, and achievements–and say goodbye to painstaking whiteboards!

Get your team in the game with fun sales contests!

Set individual and team targets with sales dashboard KPIs

Set individual targets for each employee that aligns with the overall company goals and follow the progress in real-time

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Sales Contest on a Plecto Dashboard

Prebuilt sales performance dashboards

Ready-to-go sales dashboard templates

Struggling to design a dashboard for sales performance? Explore the Plecto store to discover our extensive library of sales dashboard examples and templates.

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Prebuilt Sales KPIs

Start measuring in minutes with our extensive collection of ready-to-go KPIs for sales. Simply choose the KPIs that align the most with your business goals and start visualizing in no time!

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How it works

1. Connect your data sources

One-click real-time integration with our dashboards to the most popular CRM, support and other business systems.

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2. Build dashboards

Use our prebuilt KPI dashboards or customize your own by using formulas to calculate more advanced metrics.

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3. Boost team performance

Share real-time insights with your team and boost performance by 20% with visualizing data on dashboards.

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Real-time Dashboards

Visualize KPIs on TVs around the office.

Real-time Reports

Save time with live, automated reports.

Performance Agreements

Set targets for each employee and follow progress in real-time.

Build Custom KPIs

Choose the KPIs that suit your custom needs.


Spark motivation and a healthy culture of competition.