Create a culture of healthy competition and collaboration

Harness your rep’s natural competitive instinct and have some fun by challenging them to a sales contest!

Challenge your other locations or departments to drive determination and boost team unity. Then watch your team race to close the most deals, book more meetings, or crank up their cross-sells!

Start setting up your sales contests now!

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Land yourself a top spot on the sales leaderboard!

Be the best of the best! Choose a crucial KPI you want to track, challenge your agents to a contest, and display the results as a sales leaderboard on your data dashboard—then watch them rush to top their other teammates performance.

Liven your team's performance up with motivating sales leaderboards

Motivate, celebrate and replicate top class performance

Sales contests are a great way to reward and recognize your agents’ performance. Your whole team can take inspiration from what top performers are doing—and compete to take the top spot themselves. Shining a light on everyday efforts is often the motivation sales reps need to keep crushing it!

Showcase your team’s wins with achievements & badges

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Sales contests displayed on real-time dashboards to drive determination

Let your team’s performance be seen—live on the big screen! Showcase your sales competitions on TVs around the office and reps will be even more stimulated to show off their skills.

Plus, they’ll get real-time feedback on where efforts should be focused and act instantly on these insights to take the top spot!

See how to showcase your sales competition on a TV

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"Culture wise, implementing Plecto has given us quite a lift. We've seen how the gamification aspect motivates the sales team into aiming for higher goals. From my point of view Plecto is the best tool out there if you want highly motivated employees."

Nicklas Meyer

Partner & COO at PL & Partners

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Time to start saving your time with set-and-save themes

Turn your targets green–and your screens, too! Customize your sales competition by choosing your sales target, contest type, and theme in just a few clicks.

Contests have never been so quick and easy to set up. Check out the different types of sales contest you can run to get your reps racing to top their targets!

Tailor your sales contest with custom targets, types, and themes