Foster a friendly culture of competition

Sales agents are competitive by nature—and want to be at the top of the sales leaderboard! Tap into this drive and create a culture of healthy competition amongst your team.

Challenge your team to a KPI-crushing sprint contest, and watch your team battle it out to outperform each other!

Learn to set up your sales leaderboard today

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Energize engagement and master motivation

Sales leaderboards enchant, engage, and incentivize your team’s performance. Boost your rep’s motivation by celebrating their small wins towards the ultimate goal.

Get your team working together as they challenge another department or location to reach the top spot on the sales leaderboard.

Showcase your team’s wins using achievements & badges

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Drive performance on the metrics that matter

Achieve alignment on the goals you want to ace! Set your team’s sights on the activities that are crucial to crushing team targets with a sales leaderboard dashboard. When your reps can see their progress, they’ll be empowered to take responsibility over their performance and trump all your team goals in no time!

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Refine your feedback with real-time visualization

A sales leaderboard dashboard is a powerful tool for enhancing coaching with real-time feedback.

Stay in sync with your team’s strengths, success, and struggles with sales leaderboards that automatically update performance data. So you can course-correct or celebrate your team’s wins whenever, wherever!

Build personalized performance agreements

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