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Number of Lost Deals

Count of the number of opportunities that haven’t turned into clients.

Number of Lost Deals

What is Number of Lost Deals?

This KPI counts the number of deals that your sales team hasn’t been able to close over the last period. This means, potential clients that have finally decided to not be customers for your company.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your sales team is having a negative performance since some opportunities might not be qualified to turn into clients. However, you might want to filter the unqualified leads in the first call, before they are turned into opportunities. This way, you will show the most accurate number and, consequently, get a more realistic conversion rate.

Although the period considered in the KPI might change from business to business, what is sure is that this metric is part of the objectives of a company. After all, deals are where a big part of the revenue comes from, so you want to know how many potential customers you are losing - and start converting them.

Apart from the number itself, it can also bring you some more insight into the performance of your latest actions. If this number is getting higher, you might want to reconsider your strategy to increase their conversion into actual clients.

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Number of Lost Deals


Number of Lost Deals

Number of Lost Deals


Number of Lost Deals

Number of Lost Deals

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Number of Lost Deals

How to calculate Number of Lost Deals?
    Count(Lost Deal).Date(Lost Date)

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