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Customer Lifetime (Months)

Average amount of months that a customer stays in a company before leaving.

Customer Lifetime (Months)

What is Customer Lifetime (Months)?

This is an important KPI to have a look at regularly since it tells you the average engagement customers have with your company. This metric brings valuable insight into your decision-making process because usually, an organization aims for long-lasting and profitable relationships.

Apart from the value itself, this KPI is also relevant for your business because it will give you a better understanding of your customers’ behavior with your company and product. You might get some learning on certain issues your clients are facing during the customer journey that, at some point, are leading to churn.

There are certain actions you can carry out in order to understand your clients’ perceptions about your company or product, which will enable you to adjust it more accurately to the actual needs in the market.

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Customer Lifetime Value (Months/Value)


Customer Lifetime Value (Months/Value)

How to calculate Customer Lifetime (Months)?
    1 / 
        Count(Churned Subscription) / 
        Sum(New Monthly MRR, MRR)
 ) months
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