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Average Call Duration

Average time spent by your entire team in their calls with clients.

Average Call Duration

What is Average Call Duration?

This KPI is especially useful for Sales and Support departments, where agents usually have a duration limit they shouldn’t pass. Therefore, displaying the average time spent on each call by your entire department can help motivate them to advise and guide each other to decrease this time.

This metric gives you real-time data about your agents’ performance in regards to time spent on calls. If measured daily, this KPI can also bring insight into the clients’ behavior with the company. You might be able to recognize a pattern in your clients depending on the day, as there are different attitudes throughout the week. This learning allows you to get the best out of your resources to increase performance all week long.

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Average Call Duration

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Average Call Duration

How to calculate Average Call Duration?
    Avg(Completed Call,Duration)

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