Gamify sales in minutes

Plecto’s inbuilt gamification features make it quick and easy to get started with gamification for your sales team. Whether you want to create contests, leaderboards, or notifications, gamification is a powerful tool to enhance motivation among employees and in turn boost sales.

Plecto gives you the possibility to create your own contests and customize them, so you can tailor them to fit your department.

Learn about creating sales contests

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Have fun with your data and daily activities

Sales gamification brings your numbers to life

Use gamification to introduce contests and achievements to your sales team. Run a contest where the agent who sells the most within a certain time period receives a prize! Has one member of the team been smashing their targets this month? Then reward them with a badge and send an instant notification out to the rest of the team.

Discover Plecto’s instant notifications

Gamification in sales is a natural fit for competitors at heart

Harness that competitive instinct

Your sales team is probably already pretty motivated right? So using gamification for sales is an obvious choice. Ignite that competitive spirit in every salesperson by using gamification. Gamification for sales teams will ensure that they are able to exceed their targets and take their performance to new heights.

Healthy competition for all the sales team

Sales gamification not only motivates the individual but is also a great way to increase collaboration and synergy between the team. Divide your department into teams and get employees working towards a common goal!

Jonathan and Mathias

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""The biggest impact has been the gamification. The team and cross-regional overview and the possibility to work with the achievements are great for giving the employees the opportunity to compare their sales power.""

Remo Pastori

Sales Process Manager at Sunrise UPC

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Sales gamification on the big screen

Recognize employees’ performance

Make sure that no achievement goes unnoticed by visualizing your gamification activities on TV screens in the office.

Have fun and create custom notifications that go off whenever a specific milestone has been hit. Take your pick between a YouTube video, custom sound, or GIF, the possibilities are endless!

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Take your sales gamification on the go

Get your gamification wherever and whenever you're working. Just download the app to your smartphone or Apple watch and make sure you never miss an update!