May 10, 2017 · Sales Performance

My 6 Favorite Bloggers Who Can Help You Increase Sales

Kasper Klit
VP Sales at Plecto

In the sales universe, staying informed of the best sales practices is as important as staying motivated. If you’re looking to motivate your sales team, we here at Plecto are the people to call. Using our sales software, companies can improve motivation, increase productivity, and boost revenue.

To stay informed on the other hand, we recommend following the following six bloggers:

Jeff Shore

A Screenshot of Jeff Shore's blog homepage

You have to respect Jeff Shore’s hustle. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, author, and sales coach, Jeff still finds time to regularly update his blog. Moreover, his blog ranks among other top sales blog by Top Sales World. But, don’t take our word for it. Read Jeff Shore’s blog for yourself.

Jill Konrath

A screenshot of Jil Konrath blog homepage

Jill Konrath keeps it simple—a skill admired by many a salesperson. On her blog, Jill publishes helpful digestible tips for the ever-moving sales professional. The posts are easy-reads, packed with valuable information, and well worth your time! Check out Jill Konrath’s website here.

Mark Hunter

Screenshot of The Sales Hunter homepage

Mark Hunter is a keynote speaker, author, and sales consultant. Mark also maintains The Sales Hunter, a blog that shares sales motivation tips and sales development techniques. His blog—like Jeff Shore’s—also ranks well with Top Sales World.

Ken Krogue

Screenshot of Ken Krogue's Sales blog

Ken Krogue is the founder and president of, a lead management company that allows users to “sell faster, sell smarter, sell more.” On his personal website, Ken publishes posts with tips, webinars, research, and best practices for selling remotely. Visit Ken Krogue’s website to find something worth reading.

Lori Richardson

A screenshot of the Score More Sales blog homepage

If you’re looking for actionable tips to improve a sales team’s results, the Score More Sales blog by Lori Richardson is a good place to start. Let’s just say if you read the Score More Sales blog, you’re likely to score more sales. Buh dum tss!

Jim Keenan

Screenshot of a Sales Guy Blog

Jim Keenan is simply “a sales guy,” and his blog shows it. The A Sales Guy blog publishes straightforward posts with supplemental video explanations from the man himself. A few seconds into any video, and it becomes clear that Jim Keenan lives to sell. Of course, here at Plecto, we know a thing or two about sales. If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter to have the latest industry news and tips delivered to your inbox. Thanks for reading!

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