March 11, 2016 · Sales Performance

Compete Against Yourself

Kristian Øllegaard
CEO at Plecto

Here at Plecto, we’re all about giving you the overall view of your business performance! With our new powerful feature, you can measure and compare your data to the last time period.

A comparison chart of month-to-month performance

Game on!

What numbers are you up against?

Many businesses don’t have specific goals for their employees. This creates an incomprehensible business strategy – especially if you don’t even visualize your numbers. Luckily, you have Plecto to display your previous and current performance! Our new Compare feature allows you to compete against your own data, ensuring an ongoing motivation to keep those numbers going up! Use it on your line / area chart, and see which direction you’re heading in – especially with an accumulating chart, like this one.

…I bet you’re wondering right now, how you can get the blue line to climb over the gray line!

Keep an eye on your progress all the time!

Displaying your data on top of each other gives you a great look on your progress! Let’s say you want to compare this month’s data with last month’s data – just click the ‘compare to last time period’ box on your line / area chart! You no longer have to set up two charts next to each other. Now, you save space on your dashboard and increase your overview! Do you work in sales? Display last week’s sales performance on top of your current week’s sales! Do you work in customer service? Display your satisfaction score from your current and last week! Do you want your business to reach a certain result again? Accumulate your numbers and watch your current numbers climb next to last period’s numbers and keep your eyes on the price all day! There are countless examples and uses of this feature and we recommend it to everyone looking to increase their numbers and business performance!

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