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Integrations Feb. 11, 2020

The top 3 powerful integrations that will boost your business


It doesn’t matter if you are one of those who refuse to accept it as an excuse to be romantic or if you have been excited for this day to come, but Valentine’s day is here!

We can all agree by now that some things in life are better when combined! Butter and bread, cereal and milk, popcorn and cinema, cheese and burger, pineapple and pizza (oh wait!)... 

They are already enjoyable by themselves, but the combination just makes it ten times better, right?

The same happens with software! We’ve used this special day to put together the top 3 integrations that make a powerful mix when combined with Plecto. 

Are you ready for it? Grab your Valentine’s chocolates, lean back and watch the magic happen. 

Top 3: Shopify + Plecto

Shopify is a website for e-commerce that helps clients throughout their journey, from creating a brand to managing sales. You can also download it as an app for your phone, to be able to check your business everywhere, every time.

Shopify dashboard example.png

And what else?

As we said, combination is always the answer! You can import your data from Shopify into Plecto dashboards to have a more visual and inspiring overview of your evolution. Can you imagine having your whole team talking about your business’ metrics? 

Well, welcome to your new e-commerce. 

By combining these two super-tools you can have the most updated and motivated workplace you could ever dream of. Finally, all your employees can understand data by looking at it - no need for experts in numbers anymore!

I want to know what my employees are working on 

Sure, follow me!

Top 2: Podio + Plecto

Do you think your marketing team knows what are the developers working on right now? And does the sales department know what’s on the finance’s plate this month? You might be misusing your resources by keeping departments work apart!

Introduce your whole team to Podio and create a culture of sharing knowledge among peers. Each employee can use this website as their short term agenda, create projects to involve other colleagues in the process, divide tasks into departments… 

Overall, stimulating transparency in the office. We’re all in this together - remember?

Example of Podio on Plecto App

You can make it even easier and funnier by displaying the lists of tasks in your Plecto dashboards. Take advantage of our gamification features and create personalized celebrations for each employee’s done tasks. 

Finally, an excuse to show the whole office that GIF you can’t stop laughing at!

It’s all about making it enjoyable for your team to complete tasks, boost performance and build memorable experiences. Wow, that was romantic. 

But all I want for my business is… track customers. 

You ask, we serve!

Top 1: Salesforce + Plecto

Especially useful if you have a sales and customer service department - does it ring any bell? 

This is one of the most common CRM systems around the world, allowing you to keep detailed track of your customer journey. It enables your team to manage state-of-the-art sales performance by creating custom objects specifically for your business. 

You can customize the data you want to know from your clients, the stages they go through until they make a sale, the reasons for leaving… You name it! 

But hey, what if you could have all this data shown in the most exciting way? You already have the answer: combine it with Plecto!

Salesforce dashboard example.png

Our real-time dashboards will show your most meaningful data with entertaining widgets that will make it fun for all your team to get involved in your sales. Calculate the win rate of deals and show it with an exciting speedometer - even your developers will want to celebrate!

Who said Valentine’s day is just for couples? Try these mindblowing combinations for your business and give your employees a reason to believe in love - or at least in love for data. 

What combo are you trying first?


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