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Number of Received Ratings

Count of every time a user has written about your company online.

Number of Received Ratings

What is Number of Received Ratings?

It’s a count of the times you’ve been mentioned online by a user. It can be a comment or rating about your company, your product or your employees’ treatment, for instance. It’s positive for a company to create and follow conversations online, in order to have a more interactive relationship with its users. However, it can also be counterproductive if the company is mostly receiving negative reviews, because that will probably set some barriers from growing.

Overall, this KPI will give you a real-time overview of the total number of ratings that you are accumulating online.

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How to calculate Number of Received Ratings?
    Count(Received Rating).Date(Created Date)
Supported integrations
Relatel Relatel Freshdesk Freshdesk Intercom Intercom

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