What is the Number of Received Ratings?

The Number of Received Ratings is a count of the times you’ve been mentioned online by a user, whether via comments or ratings about your company, your product or your customer service. These ratings can be posted directly on Google, on websites, online rating platforms as well as customer service software. In short, this KPI will give you a real-time overview of the total number of ratings that you are accumulating online.

A notable Danish online rating platform is Trustpilot, where consumers and customers rate and review stores, products, and services. Many customer service platforms, such as Intercom and Freshdesk, also have dedicated features which enable customers to instantly rate the service that they have received.

The Number of Received Ratings is a relevant KPI for marketing teams, particularly those who work with social media and your company’s online presence. It’s also a relevant KPI for customer service teams, who will find it helpful to know how your product or service is perceived by your customer base.

Why is the Number of Received Ratings important?

The importance of the Number of Received Ratings lies in the legitimacy and confidence they provide your business. A company with a large number of ratings and reviews–or at least a large number proportionate to the company’s size–coupled with these ratings and reviews being of high quality, is a winning formula for brand success.

For businesses with an international presence, it’s important to be aware that different cultural expectations exist for online commenting. For example, the USA has a vibrant culture of customers offering highly detailed online reviews , but this practice isn’t as common elsewhere. Thus, be sure to tailor your expectations about online ratings and reviews to the national and regional markets your company operates in.

How to increase your Number of Received Ratings

The most important aspect of increasing your Number of Received Ratings is to boost the reputation of your business. This is done not only by increasing the quantity, but also the quality of your ratings and reviews. For example, it’s ideal not only to have many 4- and 5-star ratings, but also several reviews that explain specific points about your business that customers appreciate.

To increase the number of your online ratings and reviews, the best thing you can do is be engaged online, especially if your business is small, new, or trying to establish its presence in a competitive environment. Being engaged with customers is especially paramount when it comes to social media–it’s strongly recommended to post often, make your posts interesting, and regularly interact with followers in the comments. Online engagement can also occur through advertising and marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking specifically to gauge the quality of your customer service, you can prompt customers directly after the call, chat or email to answer a survey or submit a review, either by email or text. This is a great way to get immediate feedback internally.

To ensure your quality of ratings and reviews is up to par, there’s simply no substitute for delivering the best product and service possible. Customers know competence–and incompetence–when they see it. So it’s best to always do your best!

That said, if a customer does submit a negative rating or review online, you should absolutely reach out to them and address the issue. If on a public ratings forum, other potential customers will see your interaction. Explaining the situation and, if necessary, owning up to your mistake, will restore confidence in your company.

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