What is the Conversations per Teammate KPI?

A very straightforward metric, Conversations per Teammate tracks the number of customer interactions of each of your support staff over a given period. It can also be expressed as an average.

Conversations per Teammate can be a fantastic motivator, encouraging friendly competition among your team to tackle a queue of inbound calls, especially in a particularly busy period.

Conversations per Teammate is a relevant KPI for your support team to track.

Why is Conversations per Teammate important?

Conversations per Teammate is most important for showing how busy your support staff are. If this KPI appears too high, it’s a signal that your support team needs more help. This scenario might be especially relevant in busy seasons–for example, around the Christmas holidays.

How to calculate Conversations per Teammate

If you want to express this KPI as an average, divide the total number of conversations in your support staff by the number of support staff.

convos per teammate formula.png

Best practices for Conversations per Teammate

Besides using Conversations per Teammate to track support team workload, you can also display this KPI to encourage friendly competition among team members, allowing them to tackle particularly long queues of calls efficiently and have fun doing so.

Be aware of the individuality of this KPI for your own team, as it has no real industry standard. Certain members of your team might end up answering calls more than others, especially if your company has multiple offices, particularly internationally. Seasonal fluctuations can also affect this KPI, so be sure to have additional staff on hand to help during the busy season if needed.

Finally, keep in mind that while it’s vital to keep track of the quantity of customer interactions, this KPI can’t substitute for the quality of your customer service. Both should be evaluated in the context of each other.

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