Data visualization dashboards

Visualize KPIs for your employees and teams and present them on any TV or device. Have the right information at the right time by creating your own customized data visualization dashboards.

A world of data visualization

Visualize your information and data on a growing number of customizable widgets. Simply drag-and-drop your data to build visualization dashboards. You can also create a custom theme to reflect your company colors.

Enrich your data with visualization

We help you visualize what is important to you. How we do it is simple. We give you full control over every aspect of your data with customizable dashboard widgets that can visualize data from multiple systems at the same time.

Extend the visualization to your surroundings

Connect Plecto IoT to your local network and extend your data visualization into your immediate surroundings. It allows you to visualize performance in an even better way by openly recognizing achievements with sound and lighting.

Philips Hue

Flash the lights when your team reaches an accomplishment. Connecting Plecto IoT with your visualization dashboards allows you to flash the lights in any color with Philips Hue lighting. You can easily install Philips Hue in your existing lamps.

Sonos Wireless Speakers

Recognize an accomplishment throughout the office with sound. Play a sound or a piece of music from a specific speaker or a group of speakers. It is easy to set up your visual data dashboard with Sonos wireless speakers using Plecto IoT.

Customize your dashboard widgets

Our dashboard widgets are customizable and you can include data from multiple sources in each of them. This means you can display your data in a way that provides you with value and analytical insights into your company.


Choose your visual dashboard widget

Once you have added your data source, simply choose the widget you want to display your data with.


Place your widget using drag-and-drop

Place your widget on your dashboard using drag-and-drop and get ready to customize it to your preferences.


Customize widgets with colors and sizing

Start customizing dashboard widgets directly on your dashboard using our resizing tool and custom colors.

Recognize success with custom dashboard notifications

Choose when and how notifications appear. They can be customized to play sounds and music, display a custom message, play a YouTube video or flash your Philips Hue lighting. You can also have them trigger everything at once! You can configure notifications to automatically push to your team's dashboards when they accomplish something.


Display your dashboards on any screen

Once you have visualized your business data on dashboards, it is time to get them in front of your team. You can schedule the duration of when dashboards should appear and in what order. Display your performance on any screen - smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs.

TV dashboards

Transmit your performance visualization to TV screens throughout your office with Airtame or directly on SmartTVs.

Display from your browser

You can always access your business visualization dashboards from your web browser on any device.

Dashboard app

Stay up-to-date on the go with the Plecto dashboard app for iOS and Android. You can even register data in it.

Start visualizing your performance data

Discover how easy it is to visualize your data on a dashboard. Start your 14-day free trial today. No strings attached and no credit card needed.