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View details about every single sale

Track your most important KPIs such as the items per sale, average order size, or even where your customers come from. 

"The effects show immediately and gives a better transparency to all employees, raising their motivation and desire to do good for the sake of the team and the company. Plecto has definitely helped us improve performance."

Anders Eiler

CSO at

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One-click integration with Shopify

Get a complete overview of your business with our Shopify integration. Visualize your most important KPIs in just minutes, like your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Sales, Number of Orders, Average Order Value, Conversion Rate, CPA, and much more.

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1 click integration with Shopify
Shaping New Tomorrow

"I would definitely recommend Plecto to anyone who is looking to scale up their company!"

Kasper Ulrich

CEO & Co-founder

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Use with other departments

Combine data from marketing and sales

Use our marketing integrations with your sales data to calculate your most important KPIs such as CPA, CAC, conversion rates, total revenue and much more.

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Real-time visualization of your sales

Compare sales across web shops

With Plecto you can combine sales data from all of your webshops onto a single dashboard. You can also create a dashboard for each webshop - everything is customizable.

Watch sales as they happen

Stay on top of your sales and watch sales being made in real-time while tracking your most important KPIs.

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How it works

1. Connect your data sources

One-click real-time integration with the most popular CRM, support, marketing and other business systems.

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2. Build dashboards

Use our prebuilt KPIs or customize your own by using formulas to calculate more advanced metrics.

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3. Boost team performance

Share real-time insights with your team and boost performance by 20%.

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Real-time Dashboards

Visualize KPIs on TVs around the office.

Instant Notifications

Recognize and celebrate success as it happens.


Set up contests across any KPI in a matter of seconds.

Real-time Reports

Save time with real-time reports in Plecto.

Performance Agreements

Set targets for each employee and follow progress in real-time.


Challenge top performers with records and special awards.

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