Save time and money with automation

We understand that your time is important. Writing reports can get very monotonous, which is why we decided to automate it.

Customisable Reports

Build reports the way you want them. Pull in data from different sources, KPI's, dashboards, and spreadsheets to be included in your reports, automatically.

Easy to share

You can easily share your dashboards and reports with your various stakeholders. Download your report as an Excel or Powerpoint, or share it with a link.

Receive them done

Schedule the frequency and time when you want to receive your reports, and just receive them done!

Create a data-driven mindset with personal reports

Build a data-driven culture to promote transparency and collaboration among your employees with Plecto reports. Create as many different reports as you need, and share relevant data with your various stakeholders in real-time.

Promote data-driven conversations!


Drillable business reports

Plecto's report system is a flexible and powerful tool that brings you the option to deep-dive into your data and get the most insightful understanding of your business. With Reports in Plecto, you can easily track where your results are coming from, the ups and downs in your performance, and even forecast how the following period will look like for your company.


Start building your report with BI features

Start making data-driven decisions today

Customisable Reports

Working with 15,000 companies has taught us that not two business are the same, so why should your reports be? There are countless ways to build a report and visualize data - so in Plecto, there are no limits!

Plecto has made it possible to build reports out of any data source you have. You decide what to focus on, and how detailed the data should be, and Plecto does the rest.


Easy to share

Are you still spending time writing reports manually? Plecto makes it easy to create them automatically for your various stakeholders and meetings, and export them in Excel or PowerPoint format. You can also receive them done in your inbox, or automatically send them to a third person, by just selecting the frequency and time of the day you prefer.

Plecto's drillable reports bring you an interactive and insightful look into your business, to get the best understanding of all areas of your business.


Reports vs Dashboards

Plecto dashboards show data in real-time, to enable you and your team to visualize your progress as it happens. Reports, on the other hand, allow you to also check your historical data or even make forecasts for your future performance.

Our customers use Plecto dashboards to gain a real-time insight into their performance and KPI's all day long, whereas reports are mainly used to gain an insightful overview of an extended period of time, and to make data-driven decisions for the business.


Scheduled your reports in 3 simple steps

Share your drillable reports with your team to promote data-driven conversations, with these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: What report do you want to share?

Start by opening the report you want to share. You can find all your report in the left side menu in Plecto.

Step 2: Who shall receive the report?

Next, choose the receivers and the frequency they should get a new report in their inbox.

Step 3: Confirm everything is correct!

Lastly, confirm the settings for your scheduled reports - and Plecto does the rest.