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Turn your call center metrics and KPIs into actionable data that your employees can actually use to make an impact. Holding contests will make employees feel more in control of their data and their KPIs, and motivate them to perform even better. With real-time updates, your frontline agents are able to see just how close they are to taking out the top spot and will be driven to go that extra mile!

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Hassle-free setup

With Plecto you can start creating contests in no time. Simply select what KPIs the contest should measure, set a prize and contest duration, then you are almost set. You can challenge individual employees to player vs. player contests on a team-by-team basis, and watch them battle to be the better team!

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Customize and be creative!

Our contest feature makes it easy to create contests that are relevant to the KPIs you want to measure. Everything is customizable, and we leave it up to you want your contest to focus on! Remember to regularly mix up the type of contest you are holding so your agents are always eager to start the next one!

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Increase customer service performance

Call center contests are a win-win as both the employee and customer benefit. Challenge your agents to achieve the highest CSAT, and your employees will be more motivated, and naturally provide great service to your customers!

"It’s a tool that can help better performance – not only how many sales, but how efficiently do we make a sale. It’s easy to understand, it’s easily accessible, and you get it live."

Joachim Ankerstjerne

Data Analyst (previously Sales Manager)

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Real-time updates

Just like our dashboards, our contests update in real time! Remember to display your contests on your TV screens in the office for all to see. Create a slideshow so you can alternate between your regular dashboards and contest! Set up your contest so you can see the prize and who is in the lead!

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