Combine motivation and fun with call center gamification

Introducing gamification to the call center floor will add a fun element to employees’ day-to-day work schedule and will make “work” feel more like “play”.

Gamification is all about healthy competition and will spark motivation amongst employees, resulting in increased performance!

Find 5 ways to use gamification to improve customer service

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Boost employee retention

Optimize employee engagement

It’s the elephant in the room, but many call centers struggle with high employee turnover. But by introducing gamification you can make employees more engaged and committed to their work, and less likely to look elsewhere!

Create an engaging call center contest

Recognize employee success

Working in a call center is often hard work for the agents, so using gamification is a great way to acknowledge and reward employees for their hard work. Valued employees will be more likely to perform better and stay longer in the position!

Award achievements to acknowledge your employees efforts

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Gamification helps employees meet targets

Every call center, whatever the department or industry, will have its targets that agents need to reach. By using gamification, employees will be aware of their performance, what their KPIs are, and how close they are to reaching their targets.

Take a peek at Plecto's performance agreements

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"There’s a great team focus on ”getting the numbers green” by achieving targets. The increased engagement and motivation help us reach ambitious goals."

Anders Eiler

CSO for eCommerce at

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Call center gamification ideas

Call center Olympics

Struggling to come up with ideas to gamify your call center activities? Run a call center Olympics using different KPIs representing different sports.

For added value and motivation, include a prize for small milestones, such as personal bests or overall "event" champions.

4 sports-themed sales contest ideas for you

Call center Bingo

If your call center is primarily sales based, then organizing a game of call center bingo is a great idea to add some excitement to the office.

Everyone knows bingo, and all you have to do is design a bingo card and write in some KPIs or sales targets. Whenever an agent reaches a target or KPI then they can get a reward!

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