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How to get ready for Black Friday with Plecto

Blog - Black Friday with Plecto

Black Friday is around the corner and every sales and customer service department is getting ready for the busiest weekend of the year. Marketers all around the world are playing their best cards to attract as many visitors as possible, and the development team is working hard to ensure that your online site is working at its finest. 

In conclusion, all your departments are invested in making this Black Friday your Big Success of the year. 

But now… how are you going to keep track of all this hectic activity? How can you get ready for what’s about to happen?

In Plecto, we work very closely with our users to help them get the best experience possible with their data. 

Although every business is different, we know what Black Friday feels like when you’re trying to make sense out of the insane amount of data you receive during that day. That’s why, we have put together our best tips to make sure you are still in control of your performance! 

Want to know how Plecto can help you stay on top of your data during Black Friday? Keep on reading, we tell you all of it!

1. Set up Real-Time Notifications to stay updated

It’s important for you and all your team to know exactly what’s happening, as it happens. 

Time is crucial during this busy day, so setting automatic notifications to trigger on your dashboard, email, or phone will keep you up to date - and up to speed! 

Creating a notification in Plecto is very easy. And the best part? You only need to set it once and from then, it will work automatically every time. 

Another benefit of using notifications, is that you can set them for whatever your data source is! Maybe you not only want to measure your sales, but also your customers’ ratings, or your marketing campaigns. 

You decide what you want to focus on, and Plecto does the rest. 

Blog - Black Friday with Plecto - Notification with video on Plecto

For instance, maybe you want to have all the latest updates as notifications on your phone, so that you can easily keep track of your performance in no time. However, you still want to keep your team’s energy and motivation high during Black Friday, so you can set more engaging notifications for them. 

Like in the example above! A notification with a personalized youtube video that will trigger on every dashboard as soon as an employee reaches the goal you’ve set for it. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate success like that?

2. Boost your team’s performance for the day

Your team knows what’s coming, they’ve been preparing for it for the last month (at least). 

Black Friday it’s an exciting day for employees and customers, but it can also be energy-draining for your team in the front line. 

In Plecto, we want every employee to be motivated to reach their full potential - and we have the means to help them do that. 

For this situation, a real-time contest can really boost your team’s motivation for the whole day!

You, or any other admin of your Plecto account, can easily create a contest for a specific department, or to challenge teams across-locations. Let’s say you want to see which sales team can get the most sales during Black Friday, from your teams in Denmark and Sweden.

Set up the theme that you like the most for this day, select the participants, and let the friendly competition begin! Not only your salespeople can follow the progress in real-time, but also the rest of your team. 

This way, they are constantly trying to improve their performance throughout the day, and motivating one another to do better. 

It’s thrilling to see how high your team can reach when they are motivated at work!

3. Prioritize your overview for Black Friday

Whether you’re working from home, remotely, or in an office, you no longer need to see your employees working in order to know their performance. 

Let’s stay safe while breaking new records!

You and your team have probably set specific goals for Black Friday. Some KPIs and objectives that are really relevant for this day, but maybe don’t apply for the rest of the year. We know that not all your data is relevant today, or maybe you want to keep a closer eye at some departments than others - we get it! 

In that case, you can simply create a new dashboard with these specific KPIs and goals, so that you can have the best overview of how your team is doing during Black Friday, in real-time.

Blog - Black Friday with Plecto - Plecto dashboard from home

Moreover, you can also create a personalized dashboard for each of your team’s managers, so that they can have the most updated overview of their employees wherever they are. 

This helps them stay on top of potential issues that might arise during the day, and to manage the team in the most efficient way to guarantee the best results at all times!


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