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Oldest Unanswered Ticket

The clients that have been waiting for the longest for your team to reply to their ticket.

Oldest Unanswered Ticket

What is Oldest Unanswered Ticket?

This KPI will count the number of clients that have been waiting for the longest among all the tickets you’ve received over the last period. This can give you valuable insight into your Customer Service team’s performance and, therefore, potential improvements that can be made in order to reduce this number of awaiting clients. In the end, impatient customers don’t usually turn into happy clients.

You can set this KPI so that it shows the total amount of the oldest unanswered tickets. Having this metric, your team can organize their resources so that this number either decreases or, at least, stops from increasing. In any case, a Manager might want to keep an eye on this metric to have a clear overview of the current situation.

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Oldest Unanswered Ticket

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Oldest Unanswered Ticket

How to calculate Oldest Unanswered Ticket?
    First(New Unanswered Support Ticket,Created Date)

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