Zoho CRM Dashboards

Plecto integrates with Zoho CRM

Display dashboards around your office that visualize progress towards targets and performance data for your team—all sourced from Zoho CRM.

Integrate Zoho CRM system

Quickly and easily integrate your Plecto and Zoho CRM accounts to visualize data on your office dashboards.

Log activity in Zoho CRM

Plecto dashboards synchronises with Zoho CRM, streaming and visualizing sales data from your CRM system automatically.

Display data with Plecto dashboards

Build office dashboards with a growing number of visualization widgets. Control what, how and where data is displayed.

Maximize Zoho CRM adoption

Updating your CRM system is undoubtedly an important responsibility, but it’s certainly not the most interesting of tasks. Plecto can change that. By displaying key metrics on dashboards around the office, reps are compelled to promptly update Zoho CRM after each Won Deal or New Opportunity. That way, their recent “win” is broadcasted to the entire office.

Essentially, when updating Zoho means getting recognized for your recent accomplishments, it doesn’t feel as tedious.

Integrate your Zoho CRM with Plecto

Take Plecto for a spin and discover how office dashboards can do so much more than just visualizing your sales funnel. Try it now. No credit card needed and no strings attached.