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Custom Zenhub dashboards

Build customized Zenhub dashboards and visualize your business metrics in real time. Keep track of your activities and celebrate success as it happens.

ZenHub dashboard


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About ZenHub

ZenHub is agile project management within GitHub. It adds powerful tracking, planning and reporting features to GitHub!

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Create real-time Zenhub dashboards with Plecto

Be up to date with roadmaps, tasks, and generate automatic reports with Plecto’s integration to Zenhub an agile project management tool.

Create an easy and simple Zenhub dashboard that can help you manage and measure the efficiency of your team in real-time. With Plecto, you no longer need to log into your Zenhub account repeatedly to see your team's performance, generate individual reports, or check up on goals. You can do this and much more with Plecto.

With Plecto's integration to Zenhub, you are able to create, edit, iterate, and display focused Zenhub dashboards, that provides you with full visibility on project status, tickets, issues, and progress.

What types of data can you import from ZenHub?


Update frequency
Every 15m

Supports custom fields?

Supports automatic registration deletion?

Supports relations? (BETA)

Pre-built ZenHub KPIs

Browse our extensive library of pre-built ZenHub KPIs or customize and create your own.

Number of New Issues

Number of New Issues

Amount of new tickets aimed for the development team over the last period.

Latest Issue

Latest Issue

Last new tickets created during the last period.

Number of Completed Issues

Number of Completed Issues

Amount of tickets that have been solved by the development team over the last period.

Latest Completed Issue

Latest Completed Issue

Name of the last issue that was solved by the development team over the last period.

Number of Open Issues

Number of Open Issues

Total amount of issues aimed for the development team that has been opened but not completed yet.


Don't see the KPI you are looking for?

Build your own KPIs to use for custom widgets with our easy-to-use formula editor.

How it works

1. Connect your data sources

One-click real-time integration with our dashboards to the most popular CRM, support and other business systems.

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2. Build dashboards

Use our prebuilt KPI dashboards or customize your own by using formulas to calculate more advanced metrics.

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3. Boost team performance

Share real-time insights with your team and boost performance by 20% with visualizing data on dashboards.

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Boost performance with real-time insights

Plecto is a data visualization software that helps you motivate your employees to reach new limits and stay on top of your business.