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Create custom GoCardless dashboards

Use Plecto's integration to GoCardless to display your relevant data and KPIs on customizable dashboards, and enable your team to follow the progress in real-time. It provides you with a complete overview of your payments, and allows you to gather all your financial data in one place.

GoCardless dashboard

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About GoCardless

GoCardless is a global bank debit network to enable companies to collect payments automatically, together with invoices, subscriptions, memberships, and installment payments.

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Get a real-time overview of your GoCardless data

With our integration to GoCardless, you can gather all your data in one place to have the complete and most updated overview of your payments for you and your Finance department. You can choose the data that you want to display on the dashboard and monitor it in real-time to stay updated on your performance. Moreover, you can combine your GoCardless data with the rest of your systems, to get the full picture of your status.

A GoCardless dashboard gives you the best overview because you can choose the KPIs and data that you want to track. Monitor data like payments, memberships, and subscriptions with our customizable widgets, and follow the progress towards the set goals in real-time. Stay on top of your performance in the most motivating way.

Plecto dashboards are fully customizable; choose the theme, the colors and widgets to align it with your corporate culture, and use our gamification options to boost your team's motivation at work. Show your payments data on our broad variety of widgets, like graphs, speed-o-meters, and tables - and use the conditional colors to identify the progress of your KPIs. Make it fun to be at work creating leaderboards for your employees, friendly competition with our contests, or by setting personalized notifications to trigger on the dashboard every time an employee reaches a new target.

The options are endless with your GoCardless dashboards! Create, edit, iterate, and display your relevant data in just a couple of clicks. Display it on the TV screens around your office or access it from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Apple Watch. Stay connected to your data whenever and wherever you are.

What types of data can you import from GoCardless?


GoCardless payments data keeps you updated on your recurring revenue by automatizing payments collection.

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Every 5m

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1. Connect your data sources

One-click real-time integration with our dashboards to the most popular CRM, support and other business systems.

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2. Build dashboards

Use our prebuilt KPI dashboards or customize your own by using formulas to calculate more advanced metrics.

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3. Boost team performance

Share real-time insights with your team and boost performance by 20% with visualizing data on dashboards.

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