Flexfone dashboards from Plecto

Build customizable dashboards and reports that will visualize your KPI's such as answered calls, call per employee and average call duration from Flexfone in real-time.

Flexfone dashboard integration

With our user-friendly integration, you can quickly and smoothly connect Plecto with Flexfone in a matter of seconds.

Log your activity in Flexfone

Once you have connected Flexfone as datasourse in Plecto and created your engaging dashboards you simply have to keep logging your data in Flexfone as you have always done.

Display data with Flexfone dashboards

Whether you want to display your data on a TV, tablet, smartphone or computer is completely up to you. Using this integration will allow you to engage and motivate your employees in the way you find most valuable.

Better align and focus your team

Work can be tough if your agents are not motivated and there is no fun atmosphere at the office. With Plecto you increase engagement and motivation. You are able to remove manual work in order to focus on making a difference for the business. The integration between Flexfone and Plecto will allow you to improve performance, increase profitability and grow your business.

Gamification features such as leaderboards, customized notifications and achievements will better the company culture and increase focus on the company's key results. Creating a sense of ownership towards the company achievements will allow you to build high-performance teams.

Celebrate your success

Using Plecto, you can notify your sales team about recent call activities in Flexfone. How you want to communicate your team wins is up to you. Plecto gives you several options to celebrate success in your office: by playing a custom sound, displaying, writing a customized message and much more. Now, when a member increases sales, makes a certain number of calls or nabs a new lead, her hit will be displayed on Plecto dashboards to the entire team to see.

By highlighting your salespeople success in this way, you will create a more engaging and collaborative work environment and keep your team accountable for continuing to deliver results. Show your team, that you appreciate their performance and they will perform even better. 

Integrate Flexfone with Plecto

Discover how office dashboards can attract and motivate your salespeople to perform even better. Try Plecto dashboards now. No credit card needed and no strings attached.