Generate healthy competition with your team

Reap the rewards of gamification in customer service

There are endless benefits to gamification in customer service! By introducing friendly competition between employees, you can spark their motivation, enhance their productivity and create a work atmosphere in which employees feel valued and engaged.

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Engaged employees

Celebrate the performance of your team like never before!

Ensure employee performance is recognized

Using customer service gamification ensures that agents get the recognition they deserve for providing exceptional service. For example, introduce notifications when a specific KPI has been hit. If a bigger milestone has been hit, then be sure to award that employee with a prize or a reward.

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Customer service gamification to enhance team collaboration

Collaborative and KPI-crushing contests

Gamification doesn’t have to be pitting employee against employee! Use gamification to identify common targets and KPIs that need to be reached and turn it into a collaborative effort where everyone works together to achieve the same goal.

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Gain more insights on employee performance

Did you know that gamification is also a useful tool for management? By making gamification a regular feature for employees, then they will feel more engaged with their KPIs and will be in tune with their performance.

If you’re hosting a contest, then seeing how agents perform will give you invaluable insights into how the team is performing in general!

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