Real Digital Transformation

Big Bang is a true trusted advisor for all of your cloud solutions needs, from deployment and integration to customization, training, and every other step of the process. We manage the full life cycle of your cloud solutions and ensure that your system naturally evolves with your growing business. Experts quickly assess your specific needs and the appropriate actions required to bring your organization alignment and help create growth.

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Executive Dashboard Clinic

Clean-up your technology infrastructure enterprise-wide and reboot your growth with a clean slate. In our Executive Dashboard Clinic, the only service provided by the CEO directly, leaders will learn the ins and outs of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how to leverage data to help make intelligent decisions.

  • Never log into your system again
  • Own your KPIs and make decisions based on facts
  • Build your own Plecto dashboard
  • Work from anywhere

Their services include

The combination of our deep industry experience plus the vast selection of best-of-breed cloud solutions, allows the Big Bang team to offer the very best tailored solution. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your unique business needs. Whether you need rescuing from a failed implementation, you need to migrate critical information, or you require ongoing support, Big Bang has you covered.

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