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Amero is a Danish based company that delivers POS solutions to Europe and the Nordic countries. They support smaller retail stores, but also larger chains with stores and webshops.

Innovative and user-friendly

Amero’s software is available in English and Danish and they supply an innovative and user-friendly POS system.

The solution provides one of the industry's best customer service and they make it easy for you to serve your customers, receive payments and balance your cash accounts.

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Increase motivation ad keep track of data

The integration from Amero to Plecto gives you the opportunity to share your data from your POS system and visualise it on your Plecto dashboard.

It helps increase your employees motivation, keeps track of your company's KPIs in real time and in the end makes your business more efficient.

In-store employees will be able to follow today’s sales and the manager can follow the performance from multiple locations through an intuitive dashboard.


Automate processes and save time

Ameros point of sale system is tailored to your business needs, and it is able to connect with accounting-, inventory systems and web shops.
The integration provided by Amero automates many of your accounting and webshop processes, which saves valuable time for you and your business that can be used on serving your customers.


Connect easily and reach company goals

The setup and integration is easy and both Amero and Plecto are happy to help you in the process to get a solution that will motivate your employees to achieve your company's common goals.

If you would like to connect your Amero data to Plecto, feel free to contact Amero below!