The Retention Rat Race: Ultimate Guide to Reduce Churn and Increase Revenue

Leading customer service team know how to retain customers.
Don’t let them take yours!

Ready to reduce churn and increase revenue?

Our guide has the answers:

  • Spot churn risks and track KPIs for retention
  • Use Plecto dashboards and AI to keep customers happy
  • Apply unique strategies to improve CSAT

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Customer Service Playbook: 9 Best Practices For Modern Leaders

Customer Service has changed. Ready to excel and meet new expectations?

Our guide is your solution.

Learn how to:

  • Implement 9 best practices from top companies
  • Use statistics, benchmarks, and formulas to enhance service
  • Apply insights from 8 customer service experts

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VCC - 3 Steps to a Performance-Driven Sales Culture

Ready to elevate your sales team?

Discover what performance-driven sales organizations already know with our straightforward guide.

Learn how to:

  • Implement our 3-step model to meet stakeholders' needs
  • Gain insights from 13 sales experts
  • Use self-assessments, checklists, and models to identify problem areas