Pipedrive Dashboards from Plecto - Case Story

KPI dashboards for Pipedrive

Learn how Pipedrive display KPIs for sales and support on dashboards shown on TVs across their office and discover the benefits Pipedrive experience from using dashboards.



Pipedrive were successfully collecting data from sales and customer support but faced issues relating to efficiently delivering the insights to their employees.


They use their own Pipedrive CRM for sales and Zendesk for support, both of which Plecto integrates with. Pipedrive now display KPIs on TV screens across the office.


Decision-making is made easier at Pipedrive with performance visualized in a transparent way. Teams celebrate each other's successes when support gets a good rating or sales wins a deal.

Challenge: Pipedrive wished to visualize KPIs across the office

Pipedrive are great at capturing data. They use their own Pipedrive CRM for managing their sales funnel and Zendesk to collect customer feedback and track customer support ratings.

However, with their data being locked away in their systems, they experienced challenges in delivering performance information to their teams in a timely manner. These insights are considered essential for their decision-making.

At the same time, Pipedrive wished to become more of a data-driven company where decisions were based on their performance indicators.

Pipedrive started looking for an easy way to display employee and team KPIs on dashboards that could be displayed in a transparent way on TV screens throughout the office.

Solution: Live dashboards on TV screens across Pipedrive's office

Pipedrive decided to choose Plecto and they implemented our dashboard solution for sales and support teams. Plecto has integrations for both Pipedrive CRM and Zendesk, the two systems used by the teams to track KPIs. 

By integrating their existing business systems with Plecto, the teams at Pipedrive were able to get started using dashboards on TVs in just a few clicks.

Whenever a support ticket is submitted or reopened, the Pipedrive support team can now keep up the pace with their real-time overview.

Meanwhile, the sales team can stay updated on their sales performance while being provided with an impeccable overview of their sales funnel.

Pipedrive also leverage automated notifications that trigger whenever a team member has a successful support call or wins a deal. By openly recognizing accomplishments, Pipedrive allow employees to engage with each other and share knowledge and experience.

Results: Decision-making made easier at Pipedrive

Now they use Plecto, Pipedrive can display their goals and results on TV screens throughout the office. They motivate their teams by providing their employees with a foundation to engage with their co-workers, making performance and achievements the new everyday water cooler talk. 

Thanks to Pipedrive's new dashboards, their employees experience easier decision-making. This is because they are now provided with the needed overview to take fast, data-driven decisions while being able to identify hindrances and obstacles before they land on their desk.

"If you are a Pipedrive user, I would definitely say go for it. Because Plecto and Pipedrive is indeed a very powerful combination!"
Daniel Figueiredo
Sales and Support Analyst at Pipedrive

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