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Engaging Plecto Dashboards to improve motivation and performance in Nets

Watch the video below and read the case study to learn how Nets use Plecto to share insights into their real-time data in order to motivate the team and improve performance.


Nets were looking for a daily dashboard solution to support the performance environment, boost motivation and improve performance.


Nets created several Plecto dashboards which has now given them valuable insights to various areas of the business.


Real-time insights now help motivate the agents and Plecto has helped Nets reach out to more customers in order to improve customer satisfaction, decrease churn and improve performance.

Challenge: A need of a daily dashboard solution to support the performance culture

Nets, the multinational enterprise providing payment solutions and turning complex reality into easy and user-friendly solutions, use Plecto in a lot of their business amongst others in their outbound retention team. Every month the Nordic Outbound Retention team reaches out to thousands of customers to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

Nets were looking for a visual way to support the performance environment in the company, which was what made them turn to Plecto.

Solution: An engaging visualization of real-time data

According to Anton, Retention Agent in Nets. Plecto has become an important part of his everyday work life:


“Plecto has become our main tool to visualize our performance. It’s our tool to show, that we create value – it builds transparency and helps us communicate the value we create to our managers.”


In Nets, the solution became to create several Plecto dashboards giving them insights into various areas of the business performance. Team manager for the Nordic Outbound Retention Team, Nikolaj Boffy tells how he uses Plecto in his team:


“With Plecto, we now cover all performance on the dashboards showcasing the performance on individual as well as on team level. For me; one of my favorite dashboards is the full overview where I can see all staff members, I can see all KPI’s and get a full overview of the call efficiency. This dashboard is definitely the dashboard motivating me the most.”


For Nets, the essential feature in Plecto is the dashboards, which is the perfect solution when you are looking for a daily dashboard system. But for Nikolaj, Plecto also helps with reporting:


“Plecto covers our daily need for a dashboard. But other features are helping me as a manager in other ways. As an example, when I’m away. I don’t have to worry about reporting – Plecto covers that area. I never need to use time on dragging out reports; when you have Plecto, you get everything in one solution.”


Results: Motivated agents and a supportive tool to reduce churn.


According to Nikolaj, implementing Plecto is, without doubt, affected the employee motivation and engagement positively:


“Real-time insights have a great influence on the team because real-time data is one of the things that motivate the agents the most. Seeing themselves raise from the second place to the first is key. It’s a product that works really well in a performance environment such as ours.”


Plecto has been a part of an exciting journey in Nets. A journey where Nikolaj and the rest of his team in Nets has worked to improve customer satisfaction:


“When we build up the team, we reached out to approximately 2000 customers a month, and now we reach out to around 3.000 every month. This helps us reduce churn, and Plecto has definitely been a part of that journey.”


According to Nikolaj, Plecto is the best tool if you want to motivate your employees.


“The product is state of the art, the graphics are amazing, and you never have to wait for answers from their support, they are always there to help you. From my point of view Plecto is the best tool out there if you want highly motivated employees.”

“From my point of view Plecto is the best tool out there if you want highly motivated employees.”
Nikolaj Boffy
Team manager, Nordic Outbound Retention

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