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Latest Pull Request

Last change proposed by a developer that hasn’t been checked yet.

Latest Pull Request

What is Latest Pull Request?

Pull requests are based on user stories. More specifically, they should be broken down into single needs that a user can have on the platform. The smaller and more accurate they are, the easier it will be for the project maintainer to review and merge them into the upstream repository. In general terms, a pull request is considered the final task in a developer’s workflow. This KPI shows the latest requests that have been made by the development team but haven’t been opened yet.

The quality of a pull request is usually a good indicator of the development team’s efficiency. Therefore, the best version of this request is considered to be short, frequent and easy to decide whether it’s accepted or rejected. However, there are certain differences in the treatment of this KPI. For instance, depending on the software, pull requests are considered to be tickets. Moreover, each project has a different approach to the process that takes place from sending the request to actually applying it.

Lastly, you can choose to display this metric as a table, next to the name of the employee that made it. This can give you a better insight into your developer’s performance. Otherwise, for a quicker overview, you can choose to simply show the name of the last pull request made.

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Latest Pull Request

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Latest Pull Request

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Latest Pull Requests by Employee

How to calculate Latest Pull Request?
Last(New Pull Request,Title)
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