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Latest Commit

Changes in a code that have been captured over the last period.

Latest Commit

What is Latest Commit?

This KPI is especially useful for the development department since they are the ones working with codes. Therefore, they need updated information on the last changes made, as well as the commits.

You can display it in different ways depending on your developers’ preferences or needs. For instance, you can decide to simply show a text where it states the last commit done so that your employees can easily see it. If you have many developers in your team, however, you might prefer to show the commit next to the specific employee who did it. This will make it easier for the team to identify easily who to talk with about a specific commit, if needed.

Pre-built widgets to display Latest Commit

Latest Commits by Employee

all time

Latest Commits by Employee

Latest Commit

all time

Latest Commit

How to calculate Latest Commit?
Last(New Commit,Message)
Supported integrations
GitLab GitLab GitHub GitHub Bitbucket Bitbucket

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