Zapier Dashboard Integration

Zapier Dashboards from Plecto

Unlock your data from any system with Zapier and Plecto. Make connections between your data across systems and visualize the health and performance of your business. 


Connect with our Zapier integration

Open Plecto and select Zapier as a data source. Choose your system and start importing your business data in less than 30 seconds. If you do not have an account, you can create one for free.


Keep doing what you do best

Here is the best part! Simply keep doing what you do and use the systems that you already know. Plecto will automatically update your dashboards with new data from your systems making it easy to use.


Make rewarding decisions with Plecto

You are now ready to get started with Plecto. Keep it simple or create extensive KPIs with data from multiple systems. You are in control over what, how and where your data is displayed.

Your way to make even smarter business decisions

Provide yourself with a way to answer all the questions that you have about your data and make rewarding decisions.

With complete customizability, you decide what data to visualize in which way. Create in-depth KPIs with multiple variables to shed new light on your data or keep things simple with all you need to know to make smarter decisions.

1,000+ apps and business systems

Connect data across more than 1,000 apps and business systems with Plecto and Zapier. It takes no longer than a few minutes to get started. Create your free Plecto account and get started. No strings attached.

Get started with your Zapier dashboard

Take Plecto for a spin. Create your free account and connect your systems with Zapier and Plecto. 

Connect to our Podio dashboard extension

Visualize your data from Podio and display important performance metrics and KPIs with our Podio integration. Try it for free.